• Modal Number:  F-16 Smart Screen Protector Cutting Machine.
  • Display Android 8.1 5.5-inch HD display 1920*1080dpi Touch Screen
  • Connecting options Wi-Fi 2.4G 3-5G, Bluetooth, Lan cable
  • Cutting Controller; High-performance & intelligent ARM 32 CPU
  • Machine size: 55cm*18cm*20cm 
  • Cutting Material: TPH/TPU/9H/Ink films.
  • Cutting Force/Pressure: 100 to 1000g
  • Input Voltage: AC110V/220V ±10% 50Hz/60Hz.
  • Cutting Width: 205mm
  • Max Material Width: 320mm.
  • Machine Precision: 0.02mm
  • Weight: Net 8kg, Packing Weight  13 kg = 28.6601 lb = 458.5615 oz

Bravo is a screen protector cutting machine introduced by moody tech. It operates online and has specifications of over 15000 models of more than 70 mobile manufacturer companies. The machine is high quality, stable, and supports more than 16 languages. It offers a free lifetime update and has a maximum 10.9-inch cutting size.

The machine has a fully automatic one-button operation, fast customized screen, and back film.

It is compatible with mobiles, tablets, iPods, cameras, and smartwatches devices. New models will be updated 24 hours before the models are launched in the market.

All in all, with excellent features and over 30,000 product data it is one of the best machines to buy in 2021. 


  • 15000 Models data  accurately and perfectly
  • Easy to use
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, DSL, and Bluetooth
  • Built-in software and lifetime free updates
  • Products ready in 20 seconds 
  • Don’t need a phone or download an application for cutting
  • It is small and does not occupy space
A New Design
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Business Advantages

  • Flexible production allows you to grab new retail business opportunities. Also, it is affordable, in style, offers 100% cashback, and can provide a great experience to users.
  • Investing in moody tech provides 
  • 100% customer satisfaction 
  • 100% inventory 
  • 100% cashback
  • Zero damage